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Congressman Dalip Singh Saund with John F Kennedy & Lyndon Johnson

The First Asian in U.S. Congress

Congressman Dalip Singh Saund was the first Asian American to be elected to the US Congress and to date remains the only Indian American. Congressman Dalip Singh Saund with John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson He was elected in 1956 from 29th Congressional district comprised of Riverside and Imperial Counties of California and reelected twice. […]

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Rare & Amazing Historical Photos

Most of the photos displayed here illustrate mainly Sikh immigration owing to the fact that early settlement from Punjab was predominantly Sikh. In the early part of this century all immigrants from India were indiscriminately called “hindoo” or “hindu” regardless of religious affiliation. The term “hindoo” was also sometimes used in a pejorative sense for […]

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The Story of Komagata Maru

The Story of Komagata Maru On May 23, 1914, 376 British Subjects (12 Hindus, 24 Muslims and 340 Sikhs) of Indian origin arrived in Vancouver harbour aboard the Komagata Maru, seeking to enter Canada. 352 of the passengers were denied entry and forced to depart on July 23, 1914. This plaque commemorates the 75th anniversary […]

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