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Brief Sketch

May 1913 found me organizing our countrymen in British Columbia, Canada. There I clashed with an Englishman by the name of Hopkinsen who had been sent by the British Government of India, in order to keep the community of 4,000 Indians living in Canada, disunited. It was due to his zeal, plus the cooperation of our […]

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Vision of a New Socio-Political OrderHARISH K. PURI “Aao ke koi khwab bunein kal ke vastey varna yeh raat aaj ke sangeen duar ki das le gee jaan o dil ko kuchh aise ke taa umar phir na koi haseen khwab bun sakein.” (Come, let’s weave a dream for tomorrow; otherwise, this night of the present […]

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Struggle For Free Hindustan Ghadar Directory

List Compiled from:Struggle For Free Hindustan Ghadar Directory “Struggle for Free Hindustan Ghadar Directory” Edited by Bhai Nahar Singh M.A., Bhai Kirpal Singh Published by Gobind Sadan Institute for Advanced Studies in Comparative Religion, New Delhi. 1916, 1996 Including “The Ghadar Directory – Punjab Section, Revised”. Lahore, 1916                […]

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Interesting Story

Her Ghadar GrandfatherRani Johnson, who traced her roots back to an Indian revolutionary talks about her journey to Arthur J. PaisRani Johnson, daughter of an American couple, grew up hearing only a few things about her maternal grandfather.But this much she knew: he was a famed Indian revolutionary whose fight against the British took him […]

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The Spirit of the Ghadar Movement

Dr. R. K. Janmeja SinghIn the Western literature, the picture of a revolutionaryis a discontented neurotic who is fanatically pursuing a political end. Meeting two of the Ghadarites left me with the feeling that the Ghadarites were loving, warmand dedicated human beings. The Ghadar movement was a flood that was caused by the political barriers […]

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Information About Sikhs in America for Educational Purpose

Sikhs from Punjab and India started migrating to the North American West Coast in 1899? Twenty-two million Sikhs worldwide trace the origin of their religion to Punjab. Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world. 99% of the people who wear turbans in America are Sikh. Introduction In 1899, Sikhs from Punjab region of India started migrating to Pacific […]

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Sikh Farmers in California

In Yuba-Sutter County, Sikh farmers account for: 95% of the peach farming60% prune farming20% almonds and Walnuts In the Bakersfield & Freson area 20% of the table grapes are grown by Sikh farmers.                                                           A Sikh Family Pioneer Asian Indian Migration to North America  The Punjab province, which is part of present-day India and Pakistan, was a great source of […]

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