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Pioneer Asian Indian Immigration to the Pacific Coast

Report on the International Conference on the Sikh Diaspora, April 21-22, 2001, University of California, Santa Barbara [Report written by Shinder S Thandi, Visiting Professor in Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA] The Sikh community, now numbering around 20 million, is scattered across the globe. Whilst the majority of Sikhs still reside in the Punjab […]

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DATED 22ND SEPTEMBER 1914. ______________(NOTE. – It is recommended that this report be burned and not kept on record.)______________INDIAN AGITATORS IN AMERICA. 1. The Komagata Maru. – The following report gives some information about attempts to smuggle arms and ammunition on board the Komagata Maru: “Several attempts have been made in Victoria, Vancouver, and a few adjacent […]

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Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE)

2446 Reddie Dr, Suite 14,Silver Spring, MD -20902Phone: 301-946-2800Press Release  February 8, 2005  Washington – Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE) welcomed the voting by the U.S. House of Representatives to honor Dalip Singh Saund by naming a California post office after the late Sikh American congressman. He was first Asian American member of […]

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THE ROOTS OF GANG WARFARE: B.C.’s Sikhs must look hard at themselves. Author: RENU BAKSHI Source: Maclean’s, Dec 23, 2002 p32. Full Text COPYRIGHT 2002 Maclean Hunter Canadian Publishing Ltd. HE LEFT THE nightclub in his usual fashion — the envy of the room, a beautiful woman on his arm. As he hailed a cab for the […]

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Why the Punjabi Matters

Why the Punjabi Matters Because they have come to embody a resurgent India. Because they have become the synonym for entrepreneurship. Because their music is kicking some serious you-know-what globally. Because Bhajji is Dada’s secret weapon again. Because they are conquering taste buds across the world—soldiers in Ole Blighty are insisting on their chicken tikka […]

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The history of the Ghadr movement will be well known to many who handle this book. There are others who will at times have to use it and who necessarily can only have a vague idea of what the movement means. For the information of the latter class the following brief account of the Ghadr […]

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